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Old for New

Everything but not "old iron"

Scrap metal no longer belongs on the scrap heap by any stretch of the imagination, even in today’s high-tech industrial environment. On the contrary – the professional separation, processing and storing of materials in conjunction with a finely tuned logistics system constitute the economic basis of many modern production processes.

We are in a position to supply almost any grade of scrap metal for use and processing in steel mills, foundries and smelting works.

Our product range also includes non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, nickel, zinc and tin.

As a general rule, we process the different grades of scrap in accordance with the customer’s own specifications and analyses. In the case of customer requests that go beyond this and involve special processing and/or optimisation, we utilize our wide network of available resources on the procurement side.

The required grades of scrap are processed in-house by experienced experts on our staff before being reintroduced directly into the business cycle as secondary raw materials on our customers’ production lines.

To do full justice to the increasing demands of our customers and their end-users, we stand fully behind the advances they are making in innovation and technology by accommodating their specific requirements. We help them enhance their production processes and product quality by providing suitable options.

Industrial demolition

The old frequently has to make way for the new.

On behalf of our customers, we undertake on-site building demolition and gutting as well as the total clearance of entire industrial areas and installations.