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Iron and metal recycling at the highest level

With a lot of expertise
and certified competence
Our Story

How it all started

We are a family-run business and have established ourselves firmly on the market as a leading provider in scrap metal preparation and processing. This all began back in the early 50s and has continued through to the present day.

Many years of experience combined with competence, reliability and swift decision-making on our part are the fundamental factors behind our ongoing success and growth.


Efficient and modern fleetk
with over 70 vehicles


Rail transports and discharges
via own track connections


Own wharfage for loading and
unloading inland waterway vessels

Overseas business

Overseas shipping over the deep
sea ports Rotterdam und Gent

Worldwide trade

Our customers include steel mills, foundries and smelting works throughout Germany, Europe and the Far East.

We offer them a highly competent service and fair market prices while meeting their every expectation concerning quality and environmental issues.

Our Locations