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Prepared for Everything

Mobility is the requirement, its prerequisites a suitable fleet of vehicles and synchronised logistics. For supplier and customer alike, the critical success factors are fast response and flexibility.

Just-in-time is standard practice.

The prerequisites at our disposal, in conjunction with our synchronised and coordinated logistics procedures, allow us to offer the highest degree of flexibility as regards logistics in business transactions. This makes us a reliable partner when dealing with suppliers and customers.

Trucks & Container

Our efficient and modern motor pool comprises 70 vehicles and is augmented by skips and roll-on/roll-off containers ranging in capacity from 3 to 45 cubic metres. We have an extensive network of available carriers experienced in scrap haulage as well as perfectly coordinated logistics procedures. This enables us to guarantee customized supply and disposal services that meet any requirement.


Loading and unloading of rail consignments is done at our private rail sidings.


We have our own wharfage as well as the equipment required to load and unload barge cargoes. This gives us direct access to the shipping ports.

Overseas business

Our overseas consignments of scrap are shipped from the international port Ghent.

All the equipment and logistics needed for this are available on site.